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First National Anti-Drug Technology Seminar

From February 16th to 17th, the first national anti-drug technology seminar in 2023 was held in Nanjing. This meeting was hosted by the Anti-drug Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Public Security and undertaken by China Pharmaceutical University.

Experts and scholars from related fields gathered together to explore the crack method against new drugs.


The meeting discussed how to promote anti-drug scientific and technological innovation, and provide more scientific, efficient and accurate technical support for anti-drug work, which became the focus of the meeting.

At present, China has 449 kinds of narcotics and psychoactive substances under control, making it the country with the most drugs under control and the strictest control in the world.

During the meeting, Prof. Xiangliang Yang & Prof. Hai Yang, two experts from Joint Engineering Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Anti-drug Diagnosis and Treatment and National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine, presented the One Minute Saliva Drug Test System to the participants.

The One Minute Saliva Drug Test System was independently developed and produced by Nano Diagnosis for Health Biotech (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Experts were impressed by the technical advantages of the One Minute Saliva Drug Test System, especially in the scene of drug roadside inspections, which can quickly help the police identify drug suspects.

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