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2023 CNDH Team Building Day

In order to improve the company's team cohesion and execution ability, enhance team relationships and cooperation, and let everyone relax physically and mentally after intense work, CNDH held team-building activities on April 14, 2023.
That day's activities started with the "health package" --- deep squat.
A seemingly simple counting challenge required everyone in the team to cooperate with each other well and concentrate on the team challenge. Otherwise, one person's mistake would make the whole team "enjoy" a squat experience.
Flying Disc Carnival---Enjoy the joy of the sport.
Curling competition - Want to win? It depends on the complementary wisdom and skills of everyone on the team.
The drum of hundred people---Challenge the greater potential of the team.
The meaning of team is 1+1>2.
With one mind and one strength, we will be able to accomplish the mission impossible.
Although the team building activities were over, the wonderful CNDH team is still going on and will use the wisdom and effort of the team to build a better future together.

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