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Strengthen Cooperation and Jointly Build an Intelligent Narcotics Control Platform

On Dec. 31, 2021, the leaders of Guangdong Provincial Narcotics Control Commission and Narcotics Control Bureau of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, visited CanNano and held a symposium.
The two parties had an in-depth discussion on further promoting the cooperation of the Joint Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Anti-drug Treatment Engineering (hereinafter referred to as "Joint Laboratory") and promoting the construction of the intelligent anti-drug platform.
Mr. Xiangliang Yang ,Vice President of CanNano, Mr. Wei Liu, Assistant President of CanNano, Dr. Hai, Yang, head of CanNano's immunoassay project team, and Mr.Kris Wu , General Manager of CNDH accompanied the visit.

The Joint Laboratory was jointly established by CanNano and Guangdong Drug Experimental Technology Center, aiming to realize the deep integration of nanotechnology and anti-drug business and promote the deep development of drug testing work. The joint laboratory was inaugurated on November 14, 2021 at the Guangdong Drug Experimental Technology Center.

The leaders of Guangdong Provincial Narcotics Control Commission and Narcotics Control Bureau of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, firstly arrived at the exhibition hall of CanNano, listened to President Yang’s introduction of the background, positioning, and future development plan of CanNano, and visited the scientific research transformation results of CanNano’s various project groups, fully affirmed CanNano’s scientific research strength and innovation ability in various fields of nanotechnology.

The visitors then visited the third-party testing laboratory, Nano-immunoassay R&D platform, and automated production line of the immunoassay project team. Dr. Yang Hai, the head of the immuno-assay project team, demonstrated the OneMinute™ Saliva Drug Test System on-site and reported on the latest R&D and technology conversion information of CNDH.

One Minute Saliva Drug Test System is China’s first one-minute drug detection system, developed by the two parties in the preliminary cooperation, based on the research and technical feasibility exploration of the drug detection market. This product innovatively adopts microfluidic sampling and time-resolved nano-marker detection technology, can complete the whole process of "sampling-testing-data upload" within one minute, truly satisfy the requirements of rapid roadside drug screening. The product is with features of microsampling, faster detection, more accurate results, more stable data. It can facilitate law enforcement officers rapid roadside screening of drug driving.

Afterwards, the visitors visited the Yunbin testing work station, antibody factory and the office area of Joint Laboratory. Director Liu pointed out that new drugs had gradually emerged in recent years, causing serious harm to society, and increasing the difficulty of drug detect work, the cooperation between the two parties should strengthen the exploration of the field of new drug detection, the extensive use of detection technology in bulk samples, so as to improve the efficiency of drug detection.
He also emphasized the importance of detecting and helping existing drug addicts and people from other industries, and quickly determining the type of drugs and whether they are addicted, so as to intervene and help.

Finally, in the symposium, both sides discussed the future in-depth cooperation. Dr. Yang Hai introduced the platform construction and latest R&D progress and future development direction of nano-marker on-site rapid detection technology, non-contact intelligent drug detection technology, big data cloud platform intelligent anti-drug system, drug biomarker and biological sample library. Both sides expressed their hope to strengthen cooperation in the future, achieve deep integration of technology and business, continue to promote the deep development of drug detection work, and promote national anti-drug work with multiple initiatives.

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