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Academician Zhao Yuliang was appointed as the Anti-drug Advocacy Ambassador of Guangdong Province

In order to further enhance the penetration and influence of anti-drug education, the Guangdong Provincial Narcotics Control Commission invited the President of CanNano, Academician Zhao Yuliang, to be the Anti-drug Advocacy Ambassador of Guangdong Province. Mr.Liu Guoqiang, the Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, presented an appointment letter to Academician Zhao Yuliang as Guangdong's Anti-drug Advocacy Ambassador.

Academician Zhao expressed his great honor to be the Anti-drug Advocacy Ambassador of Guangdong Province, and he promised and advocated everyone to participate in and contribute to the anti-drug campaign.

Accompanied by Director Liu , Academician Zhao led the Drug Nano Detection Team to visit the Guangdong branch center of National Narcotics Laboratory, National Drug Control Big Data Guangdong Center and Guangdong Key Laboratory of Psychoactive Substances Monitoring and Safety.

Academician Zhao gave his personal insights on "Science and technology to help drug prohibition", he believed that "drug prohibition needs scientific research, science and technology can support drug prohibition", science and technology methods can effectively solve the traditional anti-drug problems, enhance the ability to detect and control narcotics. The police and researchers should join forces to push forward scientific and technological innovation in narcotics control, speed up the R&D of more sophisticated technologies, more advanced equipment and more scientific methods, and firmly seize the initiative in combating drug crimes so as to remain invincible.

CanNano will take advantage of nanotechnology to guide the public, especially the youth, to resist drugs and contribute to the innovative development of Narcotics control, to protect people's lives and health, and to achieve social progress.

Anti-drug black technology 1: Sewage drug testing

"Sewage drug detection" is to evaluate the regional drug situation by sampling and detecting the content of drugs and metabolites in domestic sewage in a specific area, combining with sewage water quality parameters and the population served by sewage treatment plants, to calculate the scale of drug users and drug consumption in the area through an algorithm. If conditions permit, it can be "precisely positioned" through sewage traceability and other technical means.

Anti-drug black technology 2: Hair drug testing

If "sewage drug testing" is like"needle in a haystack", the second black technology - "hair drug testing" is accurate "targeted attack".

Traditional first-line drug screening relies on urine tests, which generally only detect drug use within a few days.

While the detection window of hair drug testing can be up to 3~6 months, so hair drug testing solves the drawback of urine tests. As long as people intake drugs within 3~6 months, they can not escape the "piercing eye" of hair drug testing.

The Immunoassay Team of CanNano---CNDH, have applied nanolabeled immunoassay technology to highly sensitive detection of trace drugs in saliva and hair,  increasing detection speed and reducing misjudgments.

CNDH have pioneered the "OneMinute™ Saliva Drug Test System" , innovatively using microsampling and time-resolved nano-marker detection technology, can complete the "sampling-testing-data upload" process in one minute, truly satisfy the requirements of rapid roadside drug screening.

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